Purchase Order Revision - Back status


Hi Guys,
I'm having difficulty here to resolve one issue regarding revision of purchase order details.
What happen now is when revising a purchase order, status not change to 220 - 235 instead it staying to what status it is.
I want that every time a purchase order was revised it will back the status to 220 - 235. Thank you.

One thing to check is that the order activity rules (P40204) allow the status flow that you require (note that you will have to check the order and line type combinations).

Another thing to take a look at is the processing options of the version of P4310 that you are using. The approvals tab has an option "Reapprove Changed Lines".

Hope this helps
Hi Aidy,
Thank you for the response.
Actually i dont have problem in reapproval process, when purchase was revised it will show in approval process again,but status did not change and that is my problem.
What will i consider on P40204? attached is our current setup. Again Thank you!


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At what status is the PO when it is revised? For example, if the PO is at status 280-310 when it is revised, it has no way of getting back to status 220-235, so status 220 would need adding to the activity rules to where the last status is 280.

(remember once you have it working, you may need to do this a few times to include the various Order Type and Line Type combinations that you use).

Hope this helps