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Profiles have changed! Is it good?


Legendary Poster
Hi Eric,

It seems that you replaced the "Hobbies" with "Company / Company Address (not visible to the user community) (up to 200 characters)", or at least, this is how I got my Profile five minutes ago.

If that is NOT the Change you announced, please disregard what follows

Otherwise, allow me to express my frustration(s):
- where am I suppose to publish my Hobbies (Shakespeare, Music, Political Fiction)?
- why would anybody use, or even update the "Company / Company Address" field, knowing that it's going to be "(not visible to the user community)"?

Warm regards,



We made multiple changes to the profile so that it provided more information that was pertinent to jde professionals. The company / company address is confidential and will be used mostly to help validate user profiles when issues arise. Do you feel that Company / Company Address should be visible to the user community?


Legendary Poster
Hi Eric,
You are doing a great job with JDEList! It is of big help for me observing, and - when time allows me - participating in the day to day problem solving. I do thank you for being there ... A LOT! Why? Because I have noticed interested issues discussed in a professional manner, every_single_time_I got connected to the JDEList.

Personally I don't have any feeling related to the Company info being visible to the user community.
At the same time, I don't think that Company info should be used for user profile validation either :)
By the way, how would all the Independent Contractors be validated?

BUT I do feel strongly that user's Hobbies were not a bad idea.

Warm regards,