Product Packaging


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Hi all,

I am attempting to transfer some object by Product packaging. I have applied JD10371 on both the source & target servers. That went OK as far as I can see.

When I install the Package on the target server it appears to install ok. However, no package is showing up in P96470 (XJDE0002) - Application Software Updates. When I look in the JDEINST log there is an error say that the Package name is missing from the [ATTRIBUTES] section of the deployment.inf.

There is no attributes section in the the Deployment.inf file created by the Product Packaging process. Also the Deployment.inf produced above is very different from the one associated with JD10371, but is based on the one in the CD templates folder that was contained within JD10371.

Can anyone advise me on a template for the Deployment.inf to be placed in the CD templates directory for ASU/ESU's.

Many thanks in advance,

Rob Boden
OW XE & B7332
Intel NT4 Sp6a
SQL server 7.0