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Processing Option Visual Assist for UDC return DL01


I tried to copy P0005S to a custom app to get it to return DL01 for a processing option but I was not able to do so successfully.

Is there another way to return DL01 of a UDC in a PO visual assist?



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I maybe misunderstanding you, bu that's not usually what S&S and DD items do.
They only return the values to the control that the UDC linked to the DD item has.

You could do this in a form easily enough as you can control the S&S form in the events. No idea how to do that in a PO
Custom DD item linked to a custom S&S maybe the way to go


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Set Visual Assist to new Search and Select form.

In the Search and Select form, assign GC Description to FI value.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the suggestions, what I was trying to do was to attach a custom DD item with a custom S&S form and use the UDC edit rule of the DD to return the DL01.

But unfortunately I was not able to make the UDC edit rule of the DD to work.

So I ended up with a custom S&S form (hardcoded UDC value in the form) just returning the DL01 from the FI.\