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Do you know if it is possible to define for a batch version if the report will be print directly on printer or not ?
For the moment, the only solution i have is to have different jde.ini for users who have most of their report to be print or not...
I know it is possible to choose printimmediate by using RUNUBE, but it is not resolving my problem...

Thanks for your answer


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Last time I checked, JDE didn't allow you to set up print immediate for a version. Only options are to set it up in the JDE.INI file (which is then used by ALL batch jobs), or click "Print Immediate" when the BV prompts you.


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A while back we pondered this situation on jdelist. In giving it some thought I came up with a theoretical possible solution but never tested it. Keeping in mind that this is more intellectual exercise than anything, give me some feedback on this idea:

Have a spare jde.ini parked somewhere that contained the line PrintImmediate=N

Code the UBE so that prior to any OneWorld processing, a batch file is run that copies the 'parked' jde.ini to the location of the 'real' jde.ini, temporarily replacing the 'real' jde.ini that contains the line PrintImmediate=Y.

Since I believe that the PrintImmediate line *may* be one that is dynamic and not require a OW restart, this may work.

Oh yeah, have a batch file at the end that puts the jde.ini's back the way they were prior to processing.

Whaddya' think?


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I agree with brother_of_kara, we need to find a solution to this. I can't count the number of times that this has forced us to resort to needlessly complex solutions, or kiiled great ideas on our site.
As a report designer, I would like to be able to override the jde.ini "Print Immediate" at the report version level. This would greatly improve the functionality for me.
Sorry I can't provide a solution, but I think JDE should.


We had multiple issues with the output management of JDE. Therefore, we did quite some custom development.
The way we solved this part of it is:
- Create a F55xxx table that specifies the following:
- Submit all jobs to a non-running JDE-queue
- Monitor the Jobmaster for any jobs in this 'dummy-queue'
- As soon as a job is found, ALTER it, based on the data in the table F55xxx (set the right queue/printer/tray/immediate-flag, etc.).
- By leaving fields blank, you can default some values (eg for all users, report-x, version-y, run in that queue and print to that printer).

Of course this meant a lot of custom development, but we are nog far better able to support the user community with their print management needs.



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We are wrestling with print immediate, also, for jobs that go to Create!Print - Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Order Acknowledgments, etc. We normally launch night jobs using RUNUBE from Robot scheduler, but cannot control the print immediate running them that way. I like your idea of the F55xxx table, but once the job is submitted to the queue, what field do you change in the job master to make it print immediate?


For that purpose, you need to read the BLOB-field JCSRVBLOBA. Somewhere in there, you can find the printer, print-immediate-flag, etc. Have to admit that I didn't develop the stuff myself, just gave some directions on the requirements.

Another thing that we tried, is to implement this functionality in a table-trigger on the job-master (removes the need for again another polling mechanism). However, the table-trigger did not fire upon scheduled jobs...


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In response to your pondering if the print immediate flag is dynamic...the answer is YES. You do not need to restart ow for this to take affect.

Walter Brink

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At our site we scan the PrintQueue directory for new files (all reports
do not print immediately unless altered by user at submission). All
reports that need to be printed are listed in an .cfg file. The PDF is
analyzed and based on the User (location) we print it to a defined
printer. Based on the printer (logical or physical) we can add
backgrounds like COPY, Confidential....or multiple copies. Sort of basic
output printer management. It runs on Unix and works like a charm.

Quite a lot of configuration files and cron jobs though.

I just implemented a quasi-solution for this.
I created 2 tasks and added them to the task list (or menu for you
oexplore.exe users). They are windows tasks that call Windows command
Within the .cmd scripts I call a NT resource utility called munge.exe.
utility will do a find/replace in text files.
My task "Print Immediate ON" calls PrintOn.cmd which sets
the PrintImmediate line in the JDE.INI to TRUE
The task "Print Immediate OFF" calls PrintOff.cmd which flips the
value back to PrintImmediate=FALSE
This allow users to turn it on when the need it (e.g. when they are
several work orders) and turn it off when they don't want their batch
jobs to
go directly to the printer. The requirement for this solution is that
have the Default Printers table populated correctly for specific
Users/Groups/UBEs/Versions as necessary.
We use roaming profiles with Citrix so the JDE.INI file is read from
roaming \windows location rather than c:\winnt or c:\documents and
settings\<user name>\windows when a batch job is submitted to the
server, so
this is the only JDE.INI file I update.
GrantHarding <[email protected]> wrote:
count the number of times that this has forced us to resort to
complex solutions, or kiiled great ideas on our site.As a report
designer, I
would like to be able to override the jde.ini "Print Immediate" at the
version level. This would greatly improve the functionality for
me.Sorry I
can't provide a solution, but I think JDE should.
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We use Robot Scheduler and print immediately by changeing a parameter in the RUNUBE. With HOLD(*YES) the document prints immediately and with HOLD(*NO) it does not print immediately. Our default in the JDE.INI is to not print immediately.


I don't know how these parameters work on systems other than AS400.


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Hi All

Since this thread seems to have quite a few good solutions / Work Arounds to this often discussed issue, I'll move the thread to theTiips & Traps section for prosperity.