Preventing Printer Inheritance when UBE launches another UBE


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I wrote a custom UBE (R5598002) that submits a series of versions of R42520 (Print Pick Slip).

Each version of R42520 is configured:
- To Print Immediate
- To use the same BIP Report Definition
- With different default printers in P98616

My problem comes from a documented feature of UBEs: The printer settings used to launch R5598002 are being applied & overwriting the default printer settings for R42520. That's not what I want.

I'd like to be able to launch each version of R42520 independently, so they each automatically go to their defined printer in P98616, without inheriting the printer settings from the parent UBE.

I've tried using Sync & Async Report Interconnects, and also tried using the BSFN B91300C LaunchBatchApplication. In all 3 cases, the printer defined for R5598002 is overriding the printers defined for R42520.

Does anyone here know a trick for eliminating / disabling printer inheritance when launching a UBE from within another UBE?


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I know this is a very old thread, but it is worth resurrecting to share the solution that I found. It is a little hacky, but it helped me to avoid modifying the Initialize Printer event across a bunch of standard objects.

Within my "driver" UBE, I launch the other UBEs using B34A1030 (ExecuteExternalProgram) in combination with RunUBE.exe.

This breaks the chain of printer inheritance that is designed into the "Report Interconnect" feature that even applies if you call B91300C.

Now, I have one UBE that calls a dozen other UBEs, some of which will print automatically to different printers as defined within each version of UBE.

There were small issues related to setup & deployment and the final outcome is a little funky, but it works well with little modification and has greatly reduced the clutter of our JDE Scheduler.

Update: I uploaded a portion of my documentation that explains some of the setup & deployment issues that were encountered. I created a "helper" .BAT script and also make use of the JDE standard RunUBE.exe -F feature, which allows you to store a username & encrypted password to ease the submission of UBEs. The document is available at
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