Pre-Collaborate 18


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Who's going to Collaborate next week?

Who has sessions (what and when)?

Share - and let's do a meet-up. Don't forget the Geek-Meet!



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I'll be there for sure! Below are some of the Tech-related sessions.

Day & Time Title Location
4/22 -12:30pm JDE E1 Tech SIG General Meeting Lagoon B
4/22 - 1:45pm Development Roundtable I Lagoon B
4/22 - 1:45pm Security SIG Roundtable Lagoon C
4/22 – 3:00pm System Admin Roundtable I Lagoon B
4/23 – 9:45am Developer Panel – Ask Us Anything Lagoon A
4/23 – 1:15pm JD Edwards Roadmap Mandalay Bay Ballroom J
4/23 – 8:15pm Geek Meet 2018 Lagoon K
4/24 – 9:45am What’s New with JD Edwards Tools Mandalay Bay Ballroom B
4/26 – 9:45am System Admin Roundtable II Lagoon F
4/26 –11:00am Development Roundtable II Lagoon F


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Probably the biggest news I heard was 64 bit JDE coming out in a future tools release.
Of course, there were lots of sessions on UX One with Orchestrations and Notifications as the newer ways to make JDE more autonomic.
Quest announced that it is changing its branding to be "Quest Oracle Community".
We didn't get blown away by bad weather for the Wednesday night beach party - perfect weather and good company!

Mark your calendars for Collaborate 2019 in San Antonio, Texas from April 7-11.