Power Browse Form - Main Form to Reusable Sub Form


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I am sure most of you who's already worked with Power Forms would know this.

I have a very silly issue , I am trying to find a fix for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I created a Power Browse Form (Main Form with Grid) with a Reusable Sub Form to show on a Tab Page (using Sub Form Alias)

All working well unless I ran into this issue

#1. I selected a record from the grid on the main form ; it shows it detail records on the subform on its tab page --- good
#2. I QBE a wrong value on the main form ; no records shows on the grid ; but it does not clear the results from #1 on the Subform
#3 I select another valid record from the grid on the main form ; it shows the correct detail records on the subform

Any idea how to clear the records on the subform if no records when actually no records are selected on the main form?


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ok - I guess I was a bit too hasty to post a question here. Sorry. I figured out.


I put the notify child and trigger default (subform find) on the Find button Post button clicked event of the Main form and it is working just as expected.

Thanks and hope this helps ppl who are new to PowerForms on this forum.