Polling World Users & Report Versioning


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I would like to take an informal poll of previous (or still...) World users that are moving forward with OW with regards to the re-developing of your World reports such as FASTR's, STAR's, and WorldWriters. Here is our scenario:
We have multiple companies and have good reasons to use or create new "groups" to keep report versions for people in consolidated areas. For example, WW has predefined groups Qxx and you can create your own as well. The groups are by module but you can create "any kind" of report you want. FASTR is setup in a similar fashion as well.
What I am polling is how did you go about moving to OW with this type of scenario. Did you create a real basic R55xxxxx template with no BV in a section, then develop each report VERSION under that as needed or did you create and individual R55xxxx for each WW (or FASTR, etc.). World Writers are a good example for us because although there are a bunch of versions in Q41 (for example), very few of them actually look much like each other but they are all found in a consolidate "place". (I hope I make sense)