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POLL : Citrix versus WEB


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Heres a simple poll I thought I would ask the board -


How many of you are using Citrix in a LIVE environment ?

How many of you are using HTML or the JAVA clients ?

Are you happy with your client choice ?

Are you planning on implementing the other client choice ?


I know that these questions will help a LOT of people out there - I am hearing more and more companies choosing Web over Citrix because of costs - but I know that this is not usually the real case - maybe the Web client is the one to start recommending nowadays ?

Thank you for helping ! Free copy of VNC goes to winner....

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I have used Citrix with different employers from B733 to B733.3 without
any really big issues..although it has gotten A LOT more stable in
B733.3 than in subsequent versions. I don't have any experience with the
HTML or Java clients so I cannot speak as to them..one note is that with
the Citrix solution, it is pretty pricy with their (Citrix) pricing
model. There is currently no interest in our enterprise in changing
from the Citrix client.


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Citrix in Live environment - Yes

No HTML or JAVA Clients yet

Yes, we've been quite happy with Citrix

Possibly. We may want HTML clients for self-service functionality - HR &

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How many of you are using Citrix in a LIVE environment ?
We use Citrix in LIVE.
How many of you are using HTML or the JAVA clients ?
No Java/HTML
Are you happy with your client choice ?
Are you planning on implementing the other client choice ?
Not in the near future

Tom Davidson

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We currently use neither but recently went thru a "quick" eval of the two alternatives for a remote plant we may be bringing online next year.

At this point the factors of costs, functionality, and stability weigh in for a Citrix solution from our perspective.

Reasons (based on admittedly "quick and dirty" research):

1. Costs. The Web Approach would require another logic server in addition to the web server itself. The purchase, setup, and especially on-going maintenance costs for both a web server and an additional logic server (we currently only have one Enterprise server) were seen as prohibitive compared to a single citrix box (24 users).

2. Functionality. From the documents and other information I've found, web-based clients are still "light weight" in functionality compared to the fat client and Citrix approach. This is not OneWorld specific but a general comment on all such software.

3. Stability. Purely anecdotal from postings on this list and friends who are implementing. It seems it can be done. It can work. But be prepared to spend a lot of time (money) to make it work. I also have difficulty trusting applications initially designed for the more traditional "Client-Server" approach in a web-browser environment - but that's my problem :p


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We use Citrix. No plans to use Web.

We are happy with our client choice.


partly historical, we started using OneWorld B732.1 - this did not support
Web. We are now Xe, but were already familiar with Citrix. Also our view was
that Web was still new, with little take up, where as the majority of
OneWorld users with multiple sites use Citrix, so it is tried and tested
with a level of expertise out there. Web usage is increasing, so I am sure
it will catch up.

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Some of our users are using HTML but we are looking into the Citrix solution for our remote users soon.

The HTML or JAVA has two major shortcoming one is the performance and the other is the functionality. It will be a good solution for an inquiry user though.

If you can wait another year or years then I believe the HTML or JAVA will be more mature to consider over Citrix.

Hope this will help


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