PO Approval Routing


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We are trying to set up the Purchase Order Approval
Routing by Department (Branch/Plant) instead of by person. We went to
G43A13 and added approval codes by department under approval level
revisions. Then went to G4141 on Branch Plant constants and entered the
approval route code on that screen. Third we changed the processing option
on the Purchase Order Entry screen to recognize branch/plant constants.

Here is what happens.

When we create a purchase order and ok out of the
entry section on the menu, then the orders go to the right routing by
company approval code.

When we create many purchase orders for various
companies and then ok out of the entry section on the menu, all the orders
go to the first company approval routing of the first purchase order created
in that series.

Thanks for any help.

Dave Rammer
Sheboygan County IS

B7331 SP 11.2 / Oracle 8.0.6 / Enterprise HP-UX 11.0
/ Application W2K

We found that the approval routing is keyed off the B/P in the order header. If you have an order with multiple lines and multiple B/Ps on those lines, the PO will only go to the header B/P.