Please help - printing from scheduler


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Please help!

I am trying to print immediate from scheduled jobs. I realize that this is
not OW delivered functionality, however, I am wondering if there is a

I have noticed that the print output doesn't show up in the AS/400 OUTQ
until a user hits print on the OW job menu, can someone tell me where this
job is before print is pressed? Is it on the deployment server in a
PrintQueue directory like the .PDFs are?

I am thinking that if I can find these jobs before they go to the OUTQ I can
have a polling program search for these jobs and send them to a particular

I am trying to print different scheduled job output to printers at different
locations around the country.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help if anyone has a workaround.

OW B73.3.2 SP10
AS400 V4R4
4 - NT 4.0 App Servers
4 - TSE 4.0 App Servers - 100 users total
500 users total

James Wilson
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This is how we handle scheduled jobs (and we even have a couple of jobs that
run every night for each branch and then prints the report out on their
local printer.)We use UNIX cron. I think the AS400 has a similar system
scheduler. It is a lot more efficient than writing a daemon to look for your
jobs. it is real simple

1. write a script that basically says

$SYSTEM/bin32/runube SCHED SCHED PRD2733 R5542401 JAX0001 QBATB733_6
Interactive Print Save pjaxcs01

2. schedule it using cron (or the AS400 equivalent)

3. rejoice you are a hero and in the end you will find this much more
flexible and useful

the params for the runube command are


I have set up my SCHED user to have no environments so no one can log in as
this user. Hope this helps.
Mark Siebenschuh
Oracle 8.0.5
B733 Base
When a UBE runs, it creates a member in B7332SYS/PRINTQUEUE. I have an
average of 8,000 members sitting in there - I keep jobs no longer than 30

When a user selects the option to print from Submitted Job Search, a
RUNPRINT job runs and creates a raw ASCII spool file on the outq pointing to
an IP address (printer).

Print Immediate just runs this same little job (within the main job) to
produce the spool file right after it is complete.

As Mark suggested... RUNUBE is the command I use - and WRKJOBSCDE instead
of the OW scheduler.

I figured out a way to submit the RUNPRINT outside of OW - thinking I would
need to use this because pre SP11.3 the RUNUBE on the AS/400 did not have an
OUTQ parm. Now that it does, I abandoned this.

We use Optio. In our Optio setup we have created a file that allows us to
distribute reports to printers based on Business Unit or Users. We have it
setup so we can run a master Print PO job (or others) and have it distribute
the output to the appropriate printers. This to avoid setting up a
fantastic number of versions and a scheduling cluster buster.

We consider Optio to be a Parcheesi of ours.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO