Planner on deployment server


I need some help/assistance to correct my PLANNER environment on the deployment server.
We recently moved the production database to a new IBM P590.
The database SID didnt change, only the servername.
When attempting to view the 'system' datasource in PLANNER, an error message displays 'Unable to connect to PJDE' (PJDE being the prod. d/b)

All other servers are working as expected, but the deployment server will not connect to the 'system' d/source.

A review of the debuglog reveals the message "Mar 28 11:28:33 ** 422/73 Return value is 2 for SetServerOCM. (BSFNLevel = 1)
Mar 28 11:28:33 ** 422/73 RT: BSFN: Returned 2: SetServerOCM App: P986115 Form: W986115E [T:49 F:D:\b7\system\jdeuser\JDECGRT\RT_BSFN.cpp Ln:1492 Lv:BUSINESS FUNC]

Mar 28 11:28:33 ** 422/73 RT: BSFN DID NOT RETURN SUCCESS SetServerOCM[T:49 F:D:\b7\system\jdeuser\JDECGRT\RT_BSFN.cpp Ln:1497 Lv:BUSINESS FUNC]"

Attached are the planner tables F98611 and F986101

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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You don't mention what the new and old servernames are. If everything is working fine from your client machines, then you probably just need to update the System data source for you Planner. Look at the planner's F98611 table and check the servername associated with the System datasource. If it's your old servername, update it to the new name and then try logging into JDEPLAN.