Problem reaching security server on 8.98 upgrade.


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I am trying to upgrade to from 8.97 and have installed the HTML server.


Our consultant (and me) don't see a reason why the login shouldn't work.

I would like to test to this point, so I tried a JDE login process, but in the instance startup I get 'could not reach security server error'.

Here is the log (it's short)

14 Jul 2009 12:32:29,866[MANDATORY][JAS]Initiating EnteprriseOne startup using configuration location (default_path) as 'D:\JDE_HOME_Agent\targets\DV_JS\config'.
4 Jul 2009 12:32:30,366[MANDATORY][PPM]Performance Monitor turned off in JAS.INI fil
14 Jul 2009 12:32:30,757[MANDATORY][JAS]Successfully initialized the EnterpriseOne web engine
14 Jul 2009 12:33:30,022[WARN][JAS]SecurityServer already exists, no override allowe
14 Jul 2009 12:33:46,256[MANDATORY][JDBJ]SpecGenOnDemandFlag: Setting value [true] in cache
14 Jul 2009 12:33:47,365[MANDATORY][JDBJ]This server is using Automatic Package discovery
14 Jul 2009 12:33:47,365[MANDATORY][JDBJ]The serialized object database will be maintained by the system
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Discovery: Serialized objects have been found up to date
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Discovered enterprise server on host JDEDEV, port 6014
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Discovered package DVF061609 in Central Objects - DV812
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]---------- Current serialized objects ----------
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Manifest: SO Manifest. Pathcode: DV812, derived from base package: DVF061609, last updated: (Audit: user = SCHMIDTR, host = sxtjde001, port = 6014, Timestamp = Mon Jul 06 08:38:23 CDT 2009
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Package: SO Package Manifest. Name = DVF061609, Built = Tue Jun 16 17:10:48 CDT 2009, Deployed = Tue Jun 16 17:10:48 CDT 2009, Detected = Wed Jun 17 13:12:36 CDT 2009, # updates =
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Update: Update Pkg = DVU070409 Built = Sat Jul 04 07:33:38 CDT 2009 Deployed = Sat Jul 04 07:33:38 CDT 2009 Detected = Mon Jul 06 08:38:23 CDT 200
14 Jul 2009 12:33:49,272[MANDATORY][JDBJ]Discovery: The system is now in sync with the deployed package.
<font color="red">14 Jul 2009 12:38:38,813[SEVERE][JAS]Could not reach security server <JDEPROD>, null
14 Jul 2009 12:38:38,844[SEVERE][JAS]Attempts to all security server failed. [STD] null</font>

My config is:
ES As/400 8.97, JAS OAS, E812

Eventually the login appears to continue but I just get the header bar (with my name correct, and the signoff next to it).

Other items: I can ping JDEPROD no problem from the JAS server.

One other idea I have is that there is a new security section in 8.98 of the ini that references _GLOBALNODE an _GLOBALPWD, I have retained these values.

My questions are: 1) should I be able to log in? 2) any idea why it can't find the security server?

with metalink down, any ideas would be appreciated.



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There are some subtle changes as well as a planner update for this release (8.98).

This is going to sound like a dumb question but how can you access the 8.98 security server with 8.97 security server still running on your ES?

We have not had any security issues with our upgrade from 8.96 to 8.98.1 by keeping everything in sync. One advantage to dealing with these tools releases is by installing multi-foundation. Are you running MF? Maybe I am just old school but I believe that your ES is the ruler of your enterprise. I believe it is important to update the system on the ES to 8.98.1.x along with your Web Server and/or WebDev Client.


EnterpriseOne E8.10 (live to 9.0 Aug)
SQL Server 2005/2008x64
Windows Server 2003/S008x64
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I don't disagree with you. I just work under the constraints that I have

I have the planner ESU installed. Unfortunately it didn't cure my build issues. I'm getting CER logs for some NER's I didn't get in 8.97. Have an SR open on that (At least I hope it's still there).

Multi-foundation is a good idea, I have it planned planned, but unfortunatly it is still in the future.

Luckily I have the luxury of 3 ES's (and if I can get a hold of Oracle and find out they have to be in sync, my DEV ES will become 8.98). I just have had no end of problems getting to this point, so I am being super carefull in testing.

Thanks for the input.