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Physical Count of Open Orders


My company normally uses only cycle counts to verify our inventory records. We are about to be purchased and the buyer requests a wall-to-wall physical count. The tag count procedure is similar to cycle counts and should work for our storeroom. However, I am at a loss how to do a physical inventory of open orders (work in process inventory). We have some parts that are issued to work orders and others that are backflushed, and need a way to verify the value of both. We need a way to verify the value of labor and overhead that have been added to each piece at each operation sequence. We need a way to verify the value of parts currently at vendors for outside processing.

Has anyone done a physical count of open orders? Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks,


Phil Bewig (314)679-4313 World 7.3 cume 11


We modified the tag file to include an operation sequence number to the tag
record. We then use the operation sequence to value the inventory from the
standard bill/router. Hope this helps.

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