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Pending Sales Order [P4210]

Hi Forum

Can anybody tell me, how to display only pending Sales Order from P4210 [Only for Last Status = 520]


OW XE [SP 15.1] WIN NT, Oracle 8.1.6

prashant haldankar


Hi Prashant,

Have you tried using the "Additional Selection" tab of the Sales Order Applition?

Set Next= 520
Thru= 520

Then Select Next Status Option

Hope this solves your Problem.

Reymar A. Castillo
Senior Programmer
Diwa Learning Systems Inc., Philippines

OW B7332 SP1./3, NT 4.0, SQL 7.0

Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server, One World B7332

To inquire on a sales order document at any status, from menu G42112:

Select Customer Service (P4210).
Click on Additional Selections tab.
Enter status of '520' in the Last and Next buckets.
Click on 'Last'.
Click on Find.
All SOs in status 520 should appear.

Hope this helps.

This information was contributed by:

Robert W. Starinsky
Tradewinds Group, Incorporated
Consultants to Management

Starinsky is the author of Implementing J. D. Edwards OneWorld, published in February 2001 by Prima Tech. Available for purchase from retail and Internet booksellers.
Thanks for answering my mail.

But Additional Selection tab is not present in the application P4210

We are running Oneworld XE Service Pack 15.1


prashant haldankar