JDE 8.12 Sales Order T Line Types


We're trying to get Text Lines to print using the Pick Slip R42520 program and having endless failure. I've double checked the POs on the UBE on the Display Tab Option 6 to specify a 1 to Print Text Lines. I've added a line to a Sales Order and double checked the status for the line type T in Order Activity Rules and applied it to the Sales Order Line and then added an MOBJ Text Attachment with random text but it will not print on the Pick Slip. I've followed information in regards to Oracle Support but cannot find anything on how to exactly apply the steps. I'd sure appreciate any insight on this subject if anyone can provide the information.

Thanks everyone..!!



Usually it should print without a problem. Most common issues here come from the OAR.
What is the status on the t line in the sales order? what is the status to select and to update in print pick slip?