P4210 - Sales Order Entry - JDE password authentication


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Hi All,

Scenario- At the sales point multiple salesmen create sales orders and they get some commission for each sales. When user "A" signed into JDE created sales order and moved away. User "B" comes and tries to create sales order in the already active session of user "A". In this case sales order is created with user A which should not.

To avoid this everytime when user access sales order entry application P4210, should ask for password again. So when user B provides his password. JDE should throw error and force him to logoff and login with his userid.

So can we authenticate the user at application level. Does the password present in the table F98OWSEC. How to match the password. Please let me know your thoughts on this.


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Here's my thoughts on this.

Don't do anything. After a few times of missing commission because they weren't logged in as themselves they will change their behavior on their own as long as management refuses to make adjustments after the fact.

Alternatively you can use the system as designed and use the Salesperson field in the Sales Order header to identify who the order belongs to.

Either way - no customization required.


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I have required an authorising user id and password recently. Here is an ER snip (using Patwel's ObjectBrowser):

-If FI cUserValidYN_EV01 [EV01] is not equal to "Y"

00011 | // User ID Needed
00012 | FC Error_Message_Password [DL011] = "An Authorisation User ID Must Be Entered"
00013 -Else
00014 | -ValidateUserPassword(B91300C.ValidateUserPassword)
_____ | ____ FC AuthorisingUser_SCHUSER [SCHUSER] -> szUserId [USER]
_____ | ____ FC AuthorisingPassword_SCHPSWD [SCHPSWD] -> szOneWorldPassword [OWPWD]
_____ | ____ "*ALL" -> szScheduledRole [SCHROLE]
00015 | -If SV Error_Status is not equal to CO SUCCESS
00016 | | Set Control Error(FC AuthorisingPassword_SCHPSWD, "4687")
00017 | | FI cPasswordValidYN_EV01 [EV01] = "N"
00018 | -Else
00019 | | FI cPasswordValidYN_EV01 [EV01] = "Y"
00020 | | -If FI cSendFileYN_EV01 [EV01] is equal to "Y"
00021 | | | FI AuthorisingUser_SCHUSER [SCHUSER] = FC AuthorisingUser_SCHUSER [SCHUSER]
00022 | | End If
00023 | End If
00024 End If

David Robertson

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To me the problem is circular: we don't want to enforce users using their own ID's, so how do we enforce users using their own ID.
I would think it would be better and probably work a lot better to set up the terminal to allow multiple users and lock/switch between them.

Or, even better, how I have done PoS terminals in the past, have a field on the sales header for the sales person, where they enter their own code when they enter the order.
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