I have only simple questions. I wish I could come up with some really weighty stuff, but payroll is pretty mundane. Yet, State taxes can get involved.

I need to know the JDE codes for the Marital Status codes for the following states: AL, GA, NC, SC, MS, KY, OH, VA, LA.

If I send the typical Federal 'M' = married & 'S' = Single, some of the state taxes do not calculate in the manner of the payroll I am trying to convert. As an example, GA, Married, Joint Return, Both Work is a code 'B' in JDE. Makes sense. What is the code for Married, Joint return, 1 Work? 'A' or 'M' or ???????? Then, we have NC with Qualifing Widow(er)???

JDE said to call the individual states. I called and Emailed AL DOR several weeks ago and have received no reply as yet. Which is understandable, as they have no idea what JDE/Vertex codes should be used.

I didn't follow up as I really thought that the client or JDE would be able to furnish this information. Soon, I thought.

Now 'Go Live' is Oct 1!

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!


The best way to determine what codes mean what is to find out what they actually do to the taxes in vertex for each state and compare them to the actual W2 exemption form, state income tax filing booklet for that state. You can also goto and they have useful calculators on there to determine if you calculating the taxes correctly. I beleive there are some knowledge garden documents on what to use. If you run through an interim payroll, Vertex will also create some text files in the vertex directory on the server that can be looked at to see what was passed from Oneworld and what it did with it....

Good Luck

XE SP15, Oracle 8.1.6 on W2K,Citrix/W2K, NT 4.0


Hey and why you are looking at state taxes you better remember some have
city tax too, I know New Orleans does if you dont live in the city but work
in the city limits.
it is 1.5% of gross. I am from New Orleans but live in Florida.