Partial Package Build in B7331


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Hello all. Need some help here. This customer of mine have not build
any partial package before and now we are building it but we hit some
error. Of course the first thing to do is to add in the LITE record for
F9631. But after that it still failed to get the hyper control button
in. Then I found out that in the program B9800406, the program is using
*LITE instead of LITE.

Just need confirmation from all of you to confirm did any one of you
after adding the LITE, need to make changes to the program? I have
checked in Xe and B7332 and they are having LITE and not *LITE, both at
the server and the program.

Another thing is that I also found out that the required 17 files
mentioned in the LITE record were not copied into the Partial package
INCLUDE and SOURCE directory.

B7331 SP11.3
Oracle 8i NT

Thanks in Advance


Woo WS

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n:Wen Siang;Woo