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RE: Package Deployment During Production Hours

Not sure how it works on an AS400 but on our HP9000 a server package
basically locks the queues - I don't know all the details but basically any
UBE's that are running before you submit your package will finish while your
job will go to and S status. All jobs submitted after your job will then
stay in a W status until your package finishes. So yes the kernel
(JDEK_DispatchUBEMessage) that handles UBE submissions goes "on hold". That
is how it works for us anyhow. Of course this is assuming that your CRP is
running on the same server as your PRD environment in the same instance I.E.
they share the same JDENET_K processes.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/Base (Distribution) XE (Finanacials)


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Re: Package Deployment During Production Hours

In addition to what Mark already replied I would like to say a word of caution:

When you deploy a package to the server all subsequently submitted jobs will be held in all queues. Any already running jobs will be allowed to finish. It so happens that some UBEs run for a very long time. So all other UBEs will be held until the first UBE is done and the deployment is terminated. We asked Denver some time ago how to stop an already issued deploy-request to a server in such a case. There was no good answer on how to stop a deploy when you realize that it is holding up all other queues.

So the answer to your question, if you affect prod users when you deploy a CRP package to the same server: potentially YES.

Same as Mark I do not know AS400. But these kind of basic mechanisms are the same over all platforms.

Thanks, Gerd
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