P41202 - Item Availability - Find Committed Parts


Hi, i am not an inventory specialist so apologies in advance if my explanation is poor!

I have an item at a branch which is telling me that 3 parts are committed on Work Orders (i see this in P41202 - Detail Availability) and therefore are being deducted from the On-Hand stock at the Branch.

The branch is set-up in this way, which is fine.

But how do i a) find the work orders these parts are committed to and b)cancel the commitment

Thanks in advance for any help!



Thanks for the reply, there is a disconnect between the supply and demand table and what i am seeing in P41202. Plus, as an organisation we do not hard or soft commit parts to work orders (apparently). So, whilst parts appear in supply and demand (when added to a work order) and then disappear from the demand (when issued) none of them should count as committed parts...

It looks like P41202 just reads of F41021, HCOM and SCOM fields - but what calculates these in the first place?

My suspicion is that as a result of part customized/part-base implementation false commitments have been on the F41021 for quite some time. For the item i am looking at these 3 commitments haven't changed ages.

I've looked in F3111 WMCOMM field for this part and can't see any that are S (soft) or H (Hard) - can i simply DFU the F41021 and set HCOM and SCOM to zero?

Or is there a UBE that will clear/recalcculate work order commitments?