item availability

  1. E9.2 Sales Order Entry w/ 'Check Availability' and 'Quantity on Work Order Receipts'

    We are running into an issue where availability checks include inventory that does not exist today and will not exist by the time an order is set to be shipped. We are looking to fix this issue so that we can provide more accurate feedback to the customers at order entry time. Specifically, we...
  2. DFU Committed Quantities on F41021

    Hi, i have soft commitment quantities (F41021.LIPCOM) and Hard commitment quantities (F41021.LIHCOM) showing in Item Availability that apear to be reducing the "Available" quantities - can i just DFU these to zero if i think they are invalid? Or will that have dire repercussions? Thanks in advance
  3. P41202 - Item Availability - Find Committed Parts

    Hi, i am not an inventory specialist so apologies in advance if my explanation is poor! I have an item at a branch which is telling me that 3 parts are committed on Work Orders (i see this in P41202 - Detail Availability) and therefore are being deducted from the On-Hand stock at the Branch...