DFU Committed Quantities on F41021


Hi, i have soft commitment quantities (F41021.LIPCOM) and Hard commitment quantities (F41021.LIHCOM) showing in Item Availability that apear to be reducing the "Available" quantities - can i just DFU these to zero if i think they are invalid? Or will that have dire repercussions?
Thanks in advance
Hi, i have run R3190 with PO set to work orders less than 99 status and have tried various data selection over our Branch Plants and Parts. Eventually i have just run it with no data selection in an attempt to hit everything.

The commitments still appear in item availability (P41202) and appear on the F41021 for my item branch. The available quantity is being reduced by the number that are "committed".

In the supply and demand application there are NO orders showing for the part i am looking at.

Is there any way to back-trace the Hard and Soft committed numbers in item availability and see where they are coming from? The number committed is not moving and it makes me think a UBE set these a long time ago and they have just been sat on the F41021 ever since, hence my question as to whether i can just DFU them out.

Any help is appreciated!