P3111 W3111A - Users unable to custom sequence the grid



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Hi folks,

I've been asked to look at why users can't create their own grid format and sequence P3111 W3111A the way they want

Default is DOCO and OPSQ, but they want their own.

So is this a bug or an operational necessity with the parts list? I can't see anywhere in the code where resequencing is disabled?


Sorting can be changed in FDA 'Grid Properties' for the form.....but I think it is rarely used when ER requires to executed in specific order of records.
In our install, P3111 displays 'customize grid' option....so not sure if we made any custom mods to the form., Thanks
The grid Sorts on Document#, Op Seq, and Component Line#. Grid Properties has the setting to hide QBE - which is what disables the User Sequencing option.

The issue with allowing QBE in this app is that its almost transactional - you don't want users requerying after changes to one more lines have been made.
Awesome, thanks folks.

So If I disable the QBE E1 disables the sorting. Massively childish of them :)

Aaro, I know I can change it myself in the code, thing is the user wants to change it themselves. That's the part I'm trying to fix