E9.2 Grid Column sequence editing UDO - headerless detail



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Hi folks

Can you guys help me work out if this is something my end or a feature of E1 UDOs

I am trying to edit P3111 W3111A to sequence by DOCO CPIT LOTN LOCN OPSQ but I can't see the option to change sequence. Data Sequencing
However in P01012 W01012B I can. Only difference is the form type.

Can someone else confirm that headerless details do not allow you to modify grid sequencing using UDOs please...?


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Is it related to this

That app uses BSFNs to feed/fill the grid with. Consequently normal sort options don’t exist.
I believe the App’s Version Processing Options has a few sort options in it.
I modded in 9.0 to do what I want. My goal for our upgrade is to do whatever mods I can using UDOs to limit the modded footprint.

This one and simple things like adding Find and QBE are spoiling my party
When you mentioned Find and QBE, I thought you might want to make sure to look at Advanced Searches, too - while you're looking for UDO's to limit your mod footprint.
I think that Advanced Searches are often forgotten but they can be really handy for simple inquiries.