P31022 is multiplying Completion Amount but not Completed Untis


We created and processed WO through status 95. The WO has erroneous data in the Actual vs Completion Production Cost Inquiry review. When reviewing P31022 Completions – The Completed amount was multiplied by 4(Standard Cost -1806.84 increased to 7227.36) but the completed units ( Standard untis - 720 and completed units 720) did not increase.
The wrong lot number had been assigned to the work order. A negative issue was performed on that lot and a positive issue was performed for the correct lot. The work order was pushed back to 95 then we reran R31802A (Create JE Entries) selecting only that document number. A blank JE report was generated. Ran the R31804 (Process JEs – Proof) and the variances increased by a factor of ~5