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JDE List,

I apologize for my previous two posts that didn't have Subjects.

Can anyone tell me any tips and tricks for moving OneWorld security from our
Dev RS/6000 to our Prod RS/6000. We have changed our .ini files (both on
servers and workstations) to point to the Prod box and we have our Security
Tables moved and pointers changed. The only thing we have remaining is that
if we change the .ini on our Dev box to point to the Prod box for Security
the Dev box will not run UBEs. The Prod box however functions just fine if
both the Dev and Prod ESes point to Dev.

Hope this isn't too confusing and I am guessing that if you have information
for me you will probably understand my issue.

James Wilson
CNC Consultant

OW Xe B73.3.3 SP16 AIX
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 Enterprise Server (Central Objects)
Oracle DB
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
"fat" Win95/Win98 and TSE/Citrix "thin" clients
ZenWorks - using to deploy initial OneWorld clients

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