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Since we have applied SP15 and all the one-off's, we are experiencing
problems with RUNUBE and UBE R47071. This UBE requires an interactive
version as a processing option this is no longer supported by JD Edwards
reference document id oti-01-0229 "Support for the RUNUBE command on AS400

We have been successfully running this UBE for the last 2 years and now we
must find an alternative or roll back to SP11.3 where it worked fine. The
question, we have is if a job submitted by the scheduler is any different
than a job submitted by RUNUBE on the command line???? Will the OW
scheduler be our answer to helping us out.

Please advise any suggestions or alternative methods on handling this
problem with RUNUBE. Your input is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks
in advance.

Tricia Rosas
Edwards Lifesciences, Inc.
Assoc. Technical Specialist
Email: [email protected]
OW: B733.2 SP15_006 4116422, 4605023
AS400 V4R3/WNT 4.0/SQL7.0 Central Objects
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We just found out that RUNUBE the way we needed is now supported by JDE.
One of our developers was so frustrated with this problem, he sent a nasty
email to JDE, basically saying this worked for 2 years, and now it's not
working and you are not going to support it, so they were willing to listen
in detail what we were trying to accomplish, and he realized that they do
support our scenario.

If we changed the processing options and data selections every time at
submission then no JDE will not support it. In our nightly runs, we create
a version with set processing options and data selections and put security
on it so no other user can change the version, so with that scenario JDE
does support RUNUBE, so they are working on our issue now.

How we handle daily changes to versions that need to be run in our nightly

We have our nightly process submit a job to put certain queues on hold.
Our users are responsible to submit the UBE's that need to have data
selection or processing options change to these queues that our on hold.
Our nightly process then releases the queues and the jobs process, then we
have the nightly put the jobs back on hold again. This is still working
fine with SP15_006.

Tricia Rosas
Edwards Lifesciences, Inc.
Assoc. Technical Specialist
Email: [email protected]
OW: B733.2 SP15_006 4116422, 4605023
AS400 V4R3/WNT 4.0/SQL7.0 Central Objects
Citrix Metaframe 1.8

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the RUNUBE. You recall, we were
having trouble on SP10.1 and again with SP15, but we finally, after lots of
trouble think we have it working.
I'm not sure if we are running any with interactive versions as processing
options, so I'm not sure I can help but you should try deleting the SQL
packages for the UBE of course, and also one called OWPKG. That seemed to
clean up alot of our troubles after SP15.
We actually deleted ALL sql packages that looked anything like they came
from OneWorld one Sunday morning when no one was on.

In our prior trials with RUNUBE versus scheduler we seemed to notice that
the spec's for the UBE get submitted with or from the client that the job
gets scheduled from. With the RUNUBE it seemed to use the specs that were
on the AS/400, ie. deployed in a package or submitted from a client with
"submit specs only" checkbox on the advanced tab selected.
This would not be a problem in an environment more static than ours but we
were in the crunch time to get lot's of changes in and didn't always have
latest packages and specs on the workstations, we will be using mainly

B7332 SP15, AS/400 V4R5 CO on SQL/NT, WTS
Keith Anderson
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