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OW : Fin. report with row spec.


We're in B7333 SP.13.1

As I'm new with one world, may be some of you can help on these:

1. I create a new version on variance analysis report (R10211A) and create a
row specification. However, when I run it with the processing option to
reverse revenue sign only ('3'), it still shows revenue in minus sign. When
I check the column's event rule, I can see that 'do variable' section does
check processing and reverse the sign. How can I activate the reverse sign ?

2. I change the section's scalling properties to round up the amount and
change the display to show '0' decimal. When I run it, it does round up the
amount but still shows 2 decimal point. How can I make the amount without
any decimal.

3. We can run report with row spec in fat client but when we run it through
HTML it would not show any amount and but repeatly printing the header and
net income word only. I log this issue with JDE but they can't duplicate
the problem. Has any body experiencing the same problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice !

Hi Mita,

#2: I am assuming you are using multicurrency. What you have to do is for
each amount variable in the DO VARIABLE ER use BSFN B0000164 (Currency
Decimals Set) and do the following mappings:

(your variable) <-> mnMathNumeric01
zero -> cDataDisplayDecimals

Adrian Oanta
OneWorld Xe, SP14.2, Oracle 8.1.5, Unix