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OW Data in Sql



i have Sql 7 on Nt4

When i open a table in SQL the data is not like i open it in UTB
The date is in JULIAN and for the data like 1802.25 it`s 180225 without the dot !!!!

when i export the data it`s correct except for the date !!

do you have any idea ???


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yes, thats the way JDE stores data.

Date fields are stored in a Julian format as you noted.

Numeric fields are stored without decimals. When you look at them via SQL or ODBC you won't see any decimal place. 9999.1234 is stored in the database as 99991234. The decimal position for fields is determined by the data dictionary decimals value for the DD Item.

If you are planning to use external (to JDE) reporting/exporting tools you really should build your own database views with formula fields that convert these values.

A last reminder - please always include your OneWorld version in your posts - it's easiest if you just include your configuration within your signature.


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