OUI Fat Client Install: Slow install, hanging on removing DV910 and system dirs



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I am having an issue with OUI. I am installing a fat client Full DV910 package over an existing package using the standard OUI.

It hung for 8 minutes deleting the C:\E910_1\DV910 directory, here is an extract from the install log:

INFO: 03/21/16 05:20:03.333 >>>>> E1RegUtils.e1RegSetValue Key=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Subkey=Software\JDEdwards\OneWorld\Install.ini\E910 Value=End Data=3/21/16 5:20 AM
INFO: 03/21/16 05:20:03.333 <<<<< E1RegUtils.e1RegSetValue
INFO: 03/21/16 05:20:03.333 <<<<< UpdateRegistry.writePathcodeInfoToRegistry
INFO: 03/21/16 05:20:03.334 <<<<< UpdateRegistry.installAction
INFO: Calling Action fileActions11. removeDir
selectedNodes = null
source = C:\E910_1\DV910

INFO: Calling Action e1FileActions10. RegisterFiles
RegisterFiles_isCleanup = true
RegisterFiles_regDirectory = C:\E910_1\system\bin32

INFO: 03/21/16 05:28:45.850 >>>>> RegisterFiles.installAction
INFO: 03/21/16 05:28:45.850 >>>>> RegisterFiles.commonAction
INFO: Environment Variables:

It is hung again removing the system directory:

INFO: 03/21/16 05:29:23.809 <<<<< CopyAutopilotFiles.installAction
INFO: Calling Action fileActions11. removeDir
selectedNodes = null
source = C:\E910_1\system

I am still waiting for the action to be completed (6:07 am), I suspect it will eventually.

I have AV turned off.

Any ideas about the issue?

JDE 9.1, tools, Windows 7 Enterprise.
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