OTOT getting incremented by starting OTOT amount


We are having the problem that when we go to the app P4310 (working with order details) and make touch a line. Say change quantity then put it back and save. the OTOT (amount) is being increased by it's original amount. So every time you go to the detail line you get in increment in the header file by the original amount. This is causing a problem where amount increments as many times as someone makes a change in the orders details.

I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, before i go in and try to debug the .c files to see what is going on.

Olavo Henrique Dias

Active Member
Which version of JDE are you using? Is this happening for ALL PURCHASE ORDERS?

I've seen issues with the OTOT , but they only happened when someone changed values in lines thru SQL. The OTOT is not recalculated every time a change is done, it is only increment or decremented by the value changed.