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Excuse my ignorance on this, but I don't really know the development side of Orchestrator studio, but I had some questions. I had previously installed Orchestrator studio for DV, as it is my understanding that only 1 install of the studio was needed and once the orchestrations were created, they were promoted as UDOs and the executed directly on the AIS server. I assume they would be called using the AIS endpoint, correct? We recently had a 3rd party perform a salesforce to JDE integration with Orchestrator, and they said a PD install of Orchestrator Studio was necessary for this to work. I understand that Orchestrations can be run directly from studio now, but I thought that was more for testing and debugging purposes, not to be used as the integration point. Am I wrong? Is this the standard way of calling integrations now, directly through Orchestrator Studio??



I think not, orchestrations are called via AIS Server similar to below endpoint. But, we have Orchestrator installed on both DV and PD environment - we only do the development in DV and promote it to PD. Have you already tried creating orchestrations in DV then promote it to PD? You can simply create a data request, to see if it will work in PD
https://<PD AISserver>:<port>/jderest/orchestrator/<orchestration name>


Depending on what TR you are on the answer could be different. The newer TRs automatically install Orchestrator Studio when you install the AIS server. But as Alphab3at mentioned you need to have a PY and PD AIS server installed. The Sales force integration would talk to the AIS server, not the actual Orchestrator Studio Client.


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Technically, in the latest tools you get studio everywhere you have AIS - but the studio is not required to run an orchestration, just create them. It's development tool.


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I would equate the Orchestrator functionally to be similar to the OMW. So ideally, run studio in DV and promote your orchestrations up.


To sum it up it is jsut a framework to create a Orchestration and the rest follows UDO lifecycle but you must have AIS for each environment.As through AIS it routes to HTML server

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Create your Orchestrations in DV, after testing shared it and use P98220W to move between environments. For TR 9.2.4.X onwards the AIS server includes Orchestrator Studio. You could test also your Orchestrations with SOAP UI but all objects have to shared first.

Each environment need an AIS Server and that server needs a JAS HTML. For PD that JAS HTML should be dedicated and not be used by daily end users.