E9.2 Orchestrator - How to override a variable



I have an orchestration where some variables are assigned out of a LEX component.
Then, later on, based on a rule, I want to override the value of the output variables from the previous LEX.
But I can't find a way to do that simply, as most of the components have different variables for input and output.
So I didn't find the component that would help me to simply pass the variable as an input then overrides the value inside the component and then
the same variable should be available as an output. So going forward, the modified value of the variables should be available.

Thanks for your help.
You can create another LEX component (or custom script) that simply assigns the value you want to a variable with the exact same name as the output of the first LEX. If the output variable name is the same then the second step will overwrite the value of the first in the same variable.

Hope this helps.
If you name it the exact same, as long as it's a top-level (not buried in array output for example) then it should just replace downstream.

You can check var values by looking at variable history in debug, it's a handy hidden feature
Don't forget that Orchestrations have explicit variables. You can output from a step into one of these then input it elsewhere as needed. This removes the confusion of associating a name with a step: