E9.2 Orchestration does not run for E1 user


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I have written an orchestration that runs three UBEs after an interactive application completes execution. I created a form extension UDO for the interactive app that launches the orchestration when the OK button is clicked. I have tested this and it works correctly. Note: I have system admin access in E1.

I then made the orchestration and form extension public and gave view security for the form extension (but not the orchestration) to a user who is going to test the application.

It does not appear to be executing the orchestration for the user. There is not much to see visually, so it's hard to tell. I can see that the 3 UBE jobs do not appear in the user's job history.

Do I need to grant some permission for the orchestration in order for it to work for him? Is there a log somewhere that might give me an idea what's going on behind the scenes?
I haven't done a lot of testing or research on it other than trying to get it to work. What I've found is you need to give UDO security to all the various components... the Form Extension, the Orchestration and the Report Request / Form Request, whatever you're using. If the security for any of those is missing I've had issues with it running successfully for the end user. This is, of course, in addition to security for the UBEs themselves that they are running.
Hi jgagnon,

Yes, each user/role need grant access to the UDOs (Service Request / Orchestrator / Rules). It'll be a View Security setup.

David A.