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Oracle Response to Tools Release Fiasco Thread


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This was the Oracle response to Colin Dawes thread 'Tools Release Fiasco'.

I understand their frustration with the quality of one-offs and that's why we are focusing on this so much.

Our goals is to find problems before releasing to customers not after. That is why C1 and N1 were delayed.

My expectation is that as we increase test coverage, the regular release of on-offs is less likely to continue as it has in the past. Customers should not interpret delays in release as indication of problems but as a positive sign that our testing is working and adding value. We also realize that customers make plans around the availability of these one-offs and as such changes in schedule could negatively impact their projects. As a result we are looking at scheduling changes so that our delivery of one-offs is predictable.

The shorter the time frame between one-offs will result in variability as was the case with C1 - if a problem is found the schedule does not allow for resolution - and thus delivery is delayed. We have two choices moving forward - either stay on a 4 week schedule and understand that the delivery date is not a truly fixed data (it will vary based on testing) - or extend the time period to a longer time frame (closer to 6 weeks) and have a higher likely-hood that the date will be met. We are looking at other changes as well that are still in the early stages of planning.
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Sue Shaw
Quest EnterpriseOne Advocacy Director