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Oracle Cloud - JD Edwards Trial Edition


Hi folks. As some are aware, Oracle Cloud has a fully functional trial edition of E1 9.2 that is a free 1 month trial. I've gone through the process of registering and standing it up, and running the first time config and it all went smooth.

BUT - I cannot connect to the web server - that URL doesn't respond. According to the doco, it should be at the same i.p. address as the main service, with the nominated port and usual e1menu.maf suffix.

I see nowhere in the doco any mention of an address for the ServerManager and wonder if there's just no started web instance.

Has anyone here had success with this trial, and know what I'm missing?



My bad - missed the step adding in firewall rules to the VCN/public subnet.

This trial edition is actually very good. No development client - you'd need demoJR for that, but if you just want to demo the vanilla web application, UDO's, Orchestrator etc it works great.


That looks very interesting - thanks.

I don't understand the sizing/pricing - for instance why is t3a.large cheaper per hour than say t2.large? How is the hourly charged - is it by connected time by user?

Any plan to update to 9.2.4 - really would want that.
We are pushing the codeline onto the marketplace. Keep an eye out, it should be out there soon.

In regards to pricing it is charged by the hour. If you shut down the instance then you are charged if you have any associated storage on the EC2 instance. T2 is priced slightly higher due to the fact that t2 have a higher turbo clock frequency (up to 3.3GHz) than the t3 (up to 3.1GHz). Even though t3 is newer generation this is why you are seeing the price delta.
Hi Jolly,
I went thru all the OCI configuration seems fine however got the same issue you mentioned - cannot access to the web URL. Could you explain how you fix it in more detailed steps? I have no techie background (pure apps consultant) and your shed light will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

John Hsiao


Sorry too long ago to remember the specifics but as I said above, I did not follow the steps in the guide (linked from the same page you install from) exactly. I had skipped the steps setting up network access rules where you identify network ports that will be allowed in and out. Follow the step by step guide exactly and it will be fine. You can either start a new instance from scratch or go back to the network part and try to fill in the bit you missed.
Thanks Jolly,
In fact I have created the new instance (twice) and restart the install step by step the document official provided, however both time I got the same results - I can access the 8080 no problem (the EnterpriseOne URL) but failed to access Orchestrtor/Client URLs. The document goes with VM TR but the OCI marketplace only provide the latest one (TR And so I am wondering if I still missing something or the problems on VM 9243?
Does anyone here in the List successfully install the Trial Edition 9243 from OCI? Thanks much!

John Hsiao
JDE Mfg Consultants
Advised by Oracle staff addition to the security list provided in the official document, I added one more port 7070 and now I am success to access both E1 and Orchestrator URLs. Also if the ADF applications cannot be opened then go restart the ADF server (my with Putty) and they will be worked. (Doc. 2661802.1)

John Hsiao,
JDE Mfg Consultant 7332 to 9.2