Open JDE PDF from Salesforce for Customer to view

Abir Mannan

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I saw somewhere that we can call some BSFN to print the UBE , get the job name and from the table can retrieve the file name.
Trying to see if something new came up to retrive PDF from salesforce site or from any html site.
If the customer ask for a quote, we can create the quote through BSSV in JDE and retrive back the Quote number.
But if we need to run the Quote Acknowledgement and instead of sending it through Email, we post the pdf output to customer account.

any high level idea or even pure solution?
Abir Mannan


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I think OSA (output stream access) could be used here, if I understand the request. What exactly do you mean by "post the PDF output"? attach it as a media object?



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Finding the location of a PDF File generated by a JDE UBE is a well documented process.
Doing the same for a BI Publisher generated document while different, is also quite doable.
Knowing how to attach/post said file/document to a Salesforce account is beyond the scope of these forums and should be researched on the Salesforce developer documentation / forums.