Open Cursor for cache I09UI002 failed - P03B11 - Misc AR invoice batch


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Hello. I have a user that is trying to fix a misc AR invoice batch in E1 where the F03B11 record had not been created, but the F0911 offset distribution was created resulting in an out of balance batch. This has happened once or twice in the past, and we have a set of steps that the users take to recreate the F03B11 record from the IB batch itself that has worked successfully in all prior occurrences. This last time, however, the user received the below error 078M Open Cursor for cache I09UI002 failed. We have had the user perform these actions with logs turned on; however, the logs did not provide any guidance on the root cause to enable a resolution. We have submitted an SR with Oracle as well, but to date they have also not been able to provide any answers.

Has anyone experienced this error message before? If so, what was the cause and the steps to resolve? Thank you in advance!

screenshot error 1.jpg screenshot error 2.jpg
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