OneWorld Workflow/Visio Issue:


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When OneWorld Workflow interface builds the Visio 2K document, trying to
print it out the resultant document seems quite difficult, especially since
the desire to have for documentation purposes.

Instead of having multiple pages to be able to manipulate size/control, its
being built as a single page and there the trouble. I don't see a way in
Visio to force page breaks. So on printing it quite hard to size it. At best
I can get it to runs across multiple pages to fit it in and the worse part
of it, text/objects in mid-segments are lost in the runoff. If I print as is
on a single page its illegible.

Curious can at least subprocesses be forced onto seperate pages? Any tricks
to control page layout/sizing or get it to a legible few pages of printout
(for a pretty large workflow small workflows can fit on the single sheets
well enough) and to not loose text/objects information? Or is one forced to
manually resize it after its built by OneWorld?