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Dear All,

I have one situation here,

Currently there is one network printer which is control by NT server 4.0 in our remote office.

Our users in remote office is connected using the thin client which is connected to our termial server running on Windows 2000 advanced server with Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.8 from our HQ.

Problems - Remote Printer can be connected, but when try to print the UBE using Acrobat ver3.0 it will come out with a error messages
"Could not start print job" follow by "Write Error".

Anyone in this forum which had face this problems, kindly advice on this matters or any solution for this problems


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As far as I remember, the B733x needs Acrobat Reader 4.01. That could fix your problem.
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PS The General Forum, that is THIS place where you posted your issue, is reserved for General, say administrative related threads.
I'd use the OW Xe Forum for an issue like yours.

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Hi Wong,

You are welcome on the Forum/List!

Please, read the board topic of the Forums/Lists on the main page.
You will see that the General board (forum) isn't for to discuss professional issues but the "OneWorld XE" and "OneWorld XE Developers" are.
So please, post your issue there. There is an other advantage of those Forums/Lists, many of us communicate on the Forums/Lists via e-mail instead on the web site. Many experts are on those Forums/Lists and their have their own mailing lists behind the web not like General board.

Read You There Again,


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