OneWorld Integrated with GroupWise and/or Novell


Is anyone using JDE OneWorld with Novell and/or GroupWise? If so, have you
encountered any issues or problems?

Colin Glass - [email protected]
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
Ph: (204) 474-5597


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We are using Novell Network and Groupwise. However we have not intergrated Groupwise with OneWorld.

We take the Novell Network password and pass it through to NT because OW only works with NT.

C Ho

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Hello Colin! (Nice name!)

We are running One World Xe clients on Windows NT 4.0 workstations with =
the Novell 4.7 client installed with no apparent problems to date.

I have begun to try and get the External Mail function to work with =
GroupWise (we're running version 5.5.2), but have had little success. So =
far I can get the mail messages from the Enterprise Server (an AS400) to =
be sent out and appear in GroupWise (that part is independent of which =
e-mail software you're using - you just point the server jde.ini file at =
an SMTP relay server it can access), but I can't get client-side e-mail =
messages to go out. I've got it to the point where, when I fill out an =
"External Mail" message within One World and click on "OK", it fires off a =
GroupWise login prompt which I can respond to, and the "External Mail" =
message window disappears, but the message never gets sent.

Does anyone else out there know how to get this to work? It may be an =
issue with a beastie called the DDE Server (maybe it's expecting some =
parameters to be passed to it that One World isn't sending??) . The reason =
I suspect this is, whenever I have tried to send an External Mail message =
from within One World after configuring the jde.ini file on the client, =
when I try to shut-down the workstation I get an error box popping up =
titled "DDE Server", which I have to End before the workstation will shut =

If anyone can help me at all I'd be extremely grateful! Questions such as =
the following will soon be burning to get answers!...

1. Does my reasoning sound plausible that the DDE Server is somehow =
connected to my failure to send external e-mail?
2. What is the DDE Server, and where can I find out what parameters =
GroupWise is expecting it to pass? (If indeed this is the problem)
3. If I look at the "Send External Mail" form in FDA, I see in the event =
rules a "JDEM Send EMail" line (it crops up in a few places). How can I =
find out what this is doing (I can't seem to find it in OL at all)? If I =
look in the BrowsER I can see parameters that are being passed to it, but =
interestingly nothing seems to get passed to the "szEMailMessage" =
parameter - could this be an issue?
......etc. etc.

As you can see, I'm groping around in the dark.


>>> [email protected] 03/14/01 12:22PM >>>
Is anyone using JDE OneWorld with Novell and/or GroupWise? If so, have =
encountered any issues or problems?

Colin Glass - [email protected]
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
Ph: (204) 474-5597

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Have you had any success with passing jde mail messages to your NOvell GroupWise?? I am very interested in doing the same.

ed solack
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We have GroupWise/Novell and have had ZERO success integrating GroupWise with OW--As far as I know--that is after an experiment and hearing from JDE--it is not possible. We are considering changing to Outlook for other reasons, and the side-benefit would be integrating with OW.

David Schoenberger
Focus on the Family
Xe SP15.1, AS/400 V4R5, NT workstations, 700+ fat client users


We suscessfully generated e-mail from workflow to groupwise by setting
preferences to a 3 (the table shows a description of outlook but it works
for groupwise) and we used the server's IP address in JDE.ini inplace of
mail server and used novell default settings in place of mailprofile. In
workflow processes we used electronic workbench as the mailbox. See if this
works for you - good luck
Cathy Troxler