oneview report sharing


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Hello there
Just wondering how is your experience with oneview report? is it good for dashboards?

We never used it but heard Oracle keep improving in this area and wondering for oneview reports users need to login in JDE or anyone have other method to share oneview reports with team?

Thought please
One View Reports aka OVR are part of UDO now. So are E1 Pages, Advances Queries, Grid Formats, etc.
OVR is licensed separately and BI Publishers comes along with this. To fetch JDE Data using OVR, users does need to login to JDE. There are other ways to fetch data directly in BIP though. OVR, it's much simpler and users themselves can develop reports with much less effort and they do look good as well.

And starting with 9.2, OVR along with other UDOs are now part of Central objects and they are promoted like any other E1 Object. The following doc can help you with UDOs - E1: OMWWEB: Frequent Asked Questions On User Defined Objects (UDOs) (Doc ID 2068939.1)