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OMW Questions


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I have a few questions regarding the way OMW works (I
am new to it, and as missing OL)

1. I have an object that is different in PD then in
DV. I want to check out the version from PD onto my
local fat client's DV pathcode so I can work on it.
It seems that the project status determines where
things get checked out from , so if the status is a 21
then it comes from DV, and if it is a 38 it comes from
PD and either way it goes to the local environment
that I am logeged in to (which would be DV). How do I
check out of prod into dev? If I create a project
with this obect and promote it to 38 then I lose the
good prod specs. can I get a emtpy project to 38 then
add the object then checkout? Any ideas?

XE sp14.1 NT




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Check out the object as usual in DV, then do a get (NB not from the middle
bar but from the left had "exit bar"). This will give you a choice of path
codes to get the object from

/ Ian

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Re: RE: OMW Questions

Hi AW,
Yes, this is the trick that Ian have written.
Some addition:
* Check-Out step is not required if you want only to investigate the object. If you want make mods and check-in later then required because you get the token by the check-out which is needed for check-in.
* If you want to compare the PD and DV versions then you can use the "Visual ER Compare" tool too for ERs.

P.S.: Explore the OMW/OMC and enjoy the work with them :)

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