ODP: Base Price Revisions in XE


Have you run R4094A?

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Od: AS400Guru [mailto:[email protected]]
Wys³ano: 16 maja 2001 02:24
Do: [email protected]
Temat: Base Price Revisions in XE

Hello List,

Is anybody experiencing problems with the Base Price Revisions (P4106) =
application?. We have records that show up on the World envrn, but when =
we inquire on the same selection criteria on the OneWorld envrn the =
records dont show up.
Is there a problem caused due to Co-existence or are we missing some =

Please help.....

AS/400 V4R5 XE-SP15, Deployment NT - Co-existence=20


JDE OW B7331 SP7.1 AS400 V4R4