ODA in external program


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Hello everyone,

somebody has been worked the ODA in external program? somebody has documentation of like using it?



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In My Humble Opinion (don't laugh people), ODA is a poor choice for database access by a program (VB?). ODA has several problems that I won't re-iterate here (if you want my opinions on ODA problems search the archives).

I suggest that you create views in your DBMS that contain the data you need and have your program go directly against those views - bypassing ODA/OneWorld.


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Masanchez, are you talking about bringing in ready only data from JDE into
say..Excel via an ODBC connection??


There's quite some documentations in your deployment server that may help
you. You can find it in your InteropManual.pdf which you can find under
/Com/Doc directory in your jde installation directory.

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documentation of like using it?


Problems with row security using ODA

Hi there..
I got a problem when working with ODA. Let me explain it to you:

I have an enterprise server that uses Oracle as database and I want to get information from it using ODA. I saw documentation about how having ODA enabled when using Oracle. Actually I have gotten information from many different files. However, when I set up row security for some files (F41001, F006), it seems like ODA does not take row security into account. The only condition for row security to work properly is:

Having global tables deleted before running a query AND simultaneously using the restricted columns as filters for such query.

Otherwise, I am able to see all the information from the files, even if I have row security. For example: I can see Cost Center Column (MCU) in Inventory Constants File (F41001), even if I restricted not to view Cost Centers in range from " 10" through
" 30".

Does anybody have any comments about it?
I hope you can help me...
Thanks a bunch