Not able to transfer BSSVs with PAR files


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I just tried to transfer some BSSVs with PAR files from 9.0 to 9.2 and it didn't exactly work. It created the OL records for the objects but none of the source came over. Is this not a viable option for BSSVs? I can do it manually but PAR files would make things much easier.


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Check the oracle site to see if these might help:

E1: BSSV: What are the steps to Import a Custom Business Service Object Via OMW (.Par File) (Doc ID 2187709.1)

E1: BSSV How to Restore BSSV Objects Manually when OMW "Restore" Option Doesn't Work Properly (Doc ID 2358267.1)


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Well I tried it from one of our 9.2 (TR9.2.4.1) instances to our other 9.2 (TR9.2.2.2) instance and it doesn't work any better than 9.0 to 9.2. Guess its just a manual process.


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I have the same issue but in reverse.
A 9.2 third party provider sending us PARs and we are on 9.0.

Same issue, blank java files. We have to do it manually


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Just thought I'd mention that our Boomerang tool can do this, but of course it's not free (not for Exporting code, but there is a free version for Importing it).