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Non 1-to-1 'W' Line Type Relationship

Jeff George

Active Member
My organization is completely make to order, however one of our acquired Branches has rejected using 'W' Line Types on their Sales Orders. They prefer to have manual control over defining which Work Order gets linked to which Sales Order. Of course, end users being what they are, this causes problems (when they forget to update the Work Order or use the wrong Sales Order). We are moving them to 'W" Line Types, but I'm wondering how to address a particular situation. Sometimes the quantity on the Sales Order requires multiple trucks to ship the product. In this case they need to split the Sales Order line into multiple lines because of different Bills of Lading, etc. which they are recording on the Sales Order detail line. Since a Work Order can only reference a single combination of Sales Order and Line Number what is the best practice method for addressing this? At that point in the process does it even matter that the Sales Order/Work Order data doesn't match?