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New to JDE, having Crystal Reports connection problems?

We have a productivity software tool for change impact analysis. We recently had a client request a feature that involves mass updates to a library of Crystal Reports database connections to a JDE back-end. The client is using the native JDE connection from within their Crystal Reports.

We have set up a test environment by installing the latest copy of JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1 on a Windows 7 64-bit VM. Following online instructions posted, the install of a stand-alone JDE demo system appears to have completed successsfully. We can log into the system with the JDE client, etc. with no errors. It is using the default Oracle database as part of the install.

However, attempts to connect to this JDE repository with Crystal Reports 2011 either remotely from a network connected workstation or from this VM itself does not appear to work. Receiving login error "Login Failed. Failed to communicate with the Database Server for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne process. The server may have terminated unexpectedly."

We suspect there may be some additional server-side connector/component or configuration setting required to allow connecting to the JDE using the native Crystal Reports "JDEdwards EnterpriseOne" connection? Any suggestions?